(Most importantly, watch the video shown to the Senate. Click HERE)

To racists anywhere in America, "Hate Speech is Free Speech".

And to Donald Trump?
Well, to him, truth doesn't matter, words don't matter and riot speech is free speech.
So, after many weeks of lying, claiming he won the election that he actually lost by a landslide, He exhorted his followers to go to the capitol. He urged them to fight.

and fight they did...

At the start of Senate impeachment hearings on February 9th, attendees viewed a collection of clips depicting the actions of the Trump mob as they attacked American democracy.
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The library system in Lafayette, Louisiana shut down a grant-funded program about voting rights, saying it involved "extremely far left” speakers who would fail to “represent the other side.” Apparently library board director Doug Palombo felt the viewpoint in favor of the suppression of voting rights should be presented to "not alienate anybody".
(Link to article in Washington Post)
Ah, yes, of course... the need to present both sides of "civil rights"- The "equal rights" side, and the view of the importance of maintaining white purity in the voting booth!


Well, "Republicans", and others have recently become fixated on the lack of evenhandedness in our national discourse. Witness the recent uproar about the slogan "Black Lives Matter" which the Republican "Duce" Donald Trump declared was a racist slogan. (Some insist that in Trump's case it should be "Douche" rather than "Duce" as applied to the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini)
So... "both sides":

Let's hear it for "Both Sides Now"

Indeed, hearing it from Sinatra seems like a mockery, doesn't it?

A High School in Colorado sent a letter to parents apologizing for the inclusion of "controversial" subject matter in an art class presentation for Martin Luther King Day.

The controversy? A graphic of a "Black Lives Matter" mural that tied the struggles of the 60s to the civil rights struggles of today.

Ah, so it is OK to talk about civil rights as a historical topic but not talk about the continued injustices of today?

I must wonder what else is too controversial for open discussion at Colorado schools...
That the earth is not flat?
The fact that Joe Biden won a free and fair election in 2020?

Click the image below to read the news story in a new window/tab:

Black Lives STILL matter! It's not just ancient history!
(This is not the image from the classroom presentation)



In a roll-call vote of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Republican party has exposed its unwavering support of Trumpism and violent extremist behavior.

After the brutal attack by Trump supporters on the U.S. Capitol as part of a coordinated effort to subvert the demonstrated will of American voters, some Republicans eyes were moist with crocodile tears. But that was just a knee-jerk publicity stunt.

Today, February 4th, the vast majority of Republican members of the House of Representatives voted a show of support for Representative Marjorie Greene, the legislative poster child for violent extremism .
In postings on Facebook she has supported the execution of democratic leaders including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Peolosi.
In March 2019 she stalked David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland School massacre, mocking him and implying the event was staged.
She was so proud of her active harassment that she re-posted a video of it in January 2020.
She has voiced support for the Q-Anon cult and its conspiracy/disinformation campaigns.
She has voiced support for Q-Anon's crackpot assertions that Hillary Clinton participated in child murders and cannibalism.
As recently as this past September she posted a photo of herself with an assault rifle, and a collage of photos of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, with a caption saying it was time for "strong conservative Christians to go on the offense" against their enemies (such as the three pictured Democrats).
She continues Trump's campaign to convince America that Trump's 8 million vote loss in November's election was really a landslide victory.
Do a little reading, Greene's extremism knows no limit.

So, what did the once-honorable Republican party do to distance themselves from a woman who denied the truth of school shooting massacres? They appointed her to the House "Education Committee". What could be more perverse?

Today's vote was to strip her of the role on that committee. Frankly if anything this was nothing more than a tiny slap on the wrist compared to what she deserves...
Oh sure, she's taken little back-steps from a few of her positions. But this snake has not changed her hiss. She still clings strongly to Trump, the gentleman of wealth and taste.

199 Republicans voted in support of Greene, trying in vain to block even this minor rebuke.

Aderholt  Republican  Alabama 
Allen  Republican  Georgia 
Amodei  Republican  Nevada 
Armstrong  Republican  North Dakota 
Arrington  Republican  Texas 
Babin  Republican  Texas 
Bacon  Republican  Nebraska 
Baird  Republican  Indiana 
Balderson  Republican  Ohio 
Banks  Republican  Indiana 
Barr  Republican  Kentucky 
Bentz  Republican  Oregon 
Bergman  Republican  Michigan 
Bice (OK)  Republican  Oklahoma 
Biggs  Republican  Arizona 
Bilirakis  Republican  Florida 
Bishop (NC)  Republican  North Carolina 
Boebert  Republican  Colorado 
Bost  Republican  Illinois 
Brady  Republican  Texas 
Brooks  Republican  Alabama 
Buchanan  Republican  Florida 
Buck  Republican  Colorado 
Bucshon  Republican  Indiana 
Budd  Republican  North Carolina 
Burchett  Republican  Tennessee 
Burgess  Republican  Texas 
Calvert  Republican  California 
Cammack  Republican  Florida 
Carl  Republican  Alabama 
Carter (GA)  Republican  Georgia 
Carter (TX)  Republican  Texas 
Cawthorn  Republican  North Carolina 
Chabot  Republican  Ohio 
Cheney  Republican  Wyoming 
Cline  Republican  Virginia 
Cloud  Republican  Texas 
Clyde  Republican  Georgia 
Cole  Republican  Oklahoma 
Comer  Republican  Kentucky 
Crawford  Republican  Arkansas 
Crenshaw  Republican  Texas 
Curtis  Republican  Utah 
Davidson  Republican  Ohio 
Davis, Rodney  Republican  Illinois 
DesJarlais  Republican  Tennessee 
Donalds  Republican  Florida 
Duncan  Republican  South Carolina 
Dunn  Republican  Florida 
Emmer  Republican  Minnesota 
Estes  Republican  Kansas 
Fallon  Republican  Texas 
Feenstra  Republican  Iowa 
Ferguson  Republican  Georgia 
Fischbach  Republican  Minnesota 
Fitzgerald  Republican  Wisconsin 
Fleischmann  Republican  Tennessee 
Fortenberry  Republican  Nebraska 
Foxx  Republican  North Carolina 
Franklin, C. Scott  Republican  Florida 
Fulcher  Republican  Idaho 
Gaetz  Republican  Florida 
Gallagher  Republican  Wisconsin 
Garbarino  Republican  New York 
Garcia (CA)  Republican  California 
Gibbs  Republican  Ohio 
Gohmert  Republican  Texas 
Gonzales, Tony  Republican  Texas 
Gonzalez (OH)  Republican  Ohio 
Good (VA)  Republican  Virginia 
Gooden (TX)  Republican  Texas 
Gosar  Republican  Arizona 
Granger  Republican  Texas 
Graves (LA)  Republican  Louisiana 
Graves (MO)  Republican  Missouri 
Green (TN)  Republican  Tennessee 
Greene (GA)  Republican  Georgia 
Griffith  Republican  Virginia 
Grothman  Republican  Wisconsin 
Guest  Republican  Mississippi 
Guthrie  Republican  Kentucky 
Hagedorn  Republican  Minnesota 
Harris  Republican  Maryland 
Harshbarger  Republican  Tennessee 
Hartzler  Republican  Missouri 
Hern  Republican  Oklahoma 
Herrell  Republican  New Mexico 
Herrera Beutler  Republican  Washington 
Hice (GA)  Republican  Georgia 
Higgins (LA)  Republican  Louisiana 
Hill  Republican  Arkansas 
Hinson  Republican  Iowa 
Hollingsworth  Republican  Indiana 
Hudson  Republican  North Carolina 
Huizenga  Republican  Michigan 
Issa  Republican  California 
Jackson  Republican  Texas 
Johnson (LA)  Republican  Louisiana 
Johnson (OH)  Republican  Ohio 
Johnson (SD)  Republican  South Dakota 
Jordan  Republican  Ohio 
Joyce (OH)  Republican  Ohio 
Joyce (PA)  Republican  Pennsylvania 
Keller  Republican  Pennsylvania 
Kelly (MS)  Republican  Mississippi 
Kelly (PA)  Republican  Pennsylvania 
Kustoff  Republican  Tennessee 
LaHood  Republican  Illinois 
LaMalfa  Republican  California 
Lamborn  Republican  Colorado 
Latta  Republican  Ohio 
LaTurner  Republican  Kansas 
Lesko  Republican  Arizona 
Long  Republican  Missouri 
Loudermilk  Republican  Georgia 
Lucas  Republican  Oklahoma 
Luetkemeyer  Republican  Missouri 
Mace  Republican  South Carolina 
Mann  Republican  Kansas 
Massie  Republican  Kentucky 
Mast  Republican  Florida 
McCarthy  Republican  California 
McCaul  Republican  Texas 
McClain  Republican  Michigan 
McClintock  Republican  California 
McHenry  Republican  North Carolina 
McKinley  Republican  West Virginia 
Meijer  Republican  Michigan 
Meuser  Republican  Pennsylvania 
Miller (IL)  Republican  Illinois 
Miller (WV)  Republican  West Virginia 
Miller-Meeks  Republican  Iowa 
Moolenaar  Republican  Michigan 
Mooney  Republican  West Virginia 
Moore (AL)  Republican  Alabama 
Moore (UT)  Republican  Utah 
Mullin  Republican  Oklahoma 
Murphy (NC)  Republican  North Carolina 
Nehls  Republican  Texas 
Newhouse  Republican  Washington 
Norman  Republican  South Carolina 
Nunes  Republican  California 
Obernolte  Republican  California 
Owens  Republican  Utah 
Palazzo  Republican  Mississippi 
Palmer  Republican  Alabama 
Pence  Republican  Indiana 
Perry  Republican  Pennsylvania 
Pfluger  Republican  Texas 
Posey  Republican  Florida 
Reed  Republican  New York 
Reschenthaler  Republican  Pennsylvania 
Rice (SC)  Republican  South Carolina 
Rodgers (WA)  Republican  Washington 
Rogers (AL)  Republican  Alabama 
Rogers (KY)  Republican  Kentucky 
Rose  Republican  Tennessee 
Rosendale  Republican  Montana 
Rouzer  Republican  North Carolina 
Roy  Republican  Texas 
Rutherford  Republican  Florida 
Scalise  Republican  Louisiana 
Schweikert  Republican  Arizona 
Scott, Austin  Republican  Georgia 
Sessions  Republican  Texas 
Simpson  Republican  Idaho 
Smith (MO)  Republican  Missouri 
Smith (NE)  Republican  Nebraska 
Smucker  Republican  Pennsylvania 
Spartz  Republican  Indiana 
Stauber  Republican  Minnesota 
Steel  Republican  California 
Stefanik  Republican  New York 
Steil  Republican  Wisconsin 
Steube  Republican  Florida 
Stewart  Republican  Utah 
Stivers  Republican  Ohio 
Taylor  Republican  Texas 
Thompson (PA)  Republican  Pennsylvania 
Tiffany  Republican  Wisconsin 
Timmons  Republican  South Carolina 
Turner  Republican  Ohio 
Valadao  Republican  California 
Van Drew  Republican  New Jersey 
Van Duyne  Republican  Texas 
Wagner  Republican  Missouri 
Walberg  Republican  Michigan 
Walorski  Republican  Indiana 
Waltz  Republican  Florida 
Weber (TX)  Republican  Texas 
Webster (FL)  Republican  Florida 
Wenstrup  Republican  Ohio 
Westerman  Republican  Arkansas 
Williams (TX)  Republican  Texas 
Wilson (SC)  Republican  South Carolina 
Wittman  Republican  Virginia 
Womack  Republican  Arkansas 
Young  Republican  Alaska 
Zeldin  Republican  New York 

Please allow me to introduce Greene, hope you guess her name. Don't be puzzled by her game-



Trump left Washington, and is sucking his thumb for solace in Florida.

But, as Shakespeare noted:  "the evil that men do lives after them."

Trump's final year in office was marked by demonstrated incompetence in the fight to overcome the pandemic.

Although he made a lot of noise, and declared himself a "wartime-president", the only wars he chose to fight were wars against civil rights, against election honesty, and against science.

Now Trump is gone. But his followers carry on his fight against America (and the rest of the world).

Crypto-Trumpists in Los Angeles

On Saturday, a mob of crypto-Trumpists successfully shut down a huge vaccination site at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles for an hour. Before heading off to the event, the participants were advised by the organizers to "Please refrain from wearing Trump/MAGA attire". Did they think that later they could try to attribute the shutdown to Antifa?

It recently came out that Steven Brandenburg, the Wisconsin pharmacist who deliberately destroyed almost 600 doses of COVID-19 vaccine also believes the earth is flat.

Easier to change the past?

The urge to return to the supposedly happy days of the past was a common theme in Trump-America. Days before environmental awareness, before the civil-rights movement, before history books took on the evil of slavery and the treason of the Confederacy.

Although we may be unable to affect the thinking of the conspiracy nuts, civilized people in America, civilized people around the world must work together to overcome the pandemic to recover our lives.

(I never went to a Jackson Browne "concert", but I did see him perform in April 1979 when he and other came to Colorado for a huge protest at the Rocky Flats nuclear warhead trigger factory just northwest of the city.)