Rather incredibly, Trump has blamed opposition to his infamous wall for the deaths of immigrants. The deceit never stops.

Some of the references in the video from two years ago are a bit dated, but the concept has not changed.
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I am totally disgusted by the revelation that “Democrat” Doug Jones’ campaign using fraudulent social media groups and disinformation techniques in his 2018 senate bid.

These reprehensible  techniques are what I would expect from (for example) Wisconsin Republicans, Donald Trump, or his Russian partner.

The perpetrators have tried to put a hurried “spin” on the effort with “It was just an experiment” and “it was a small part of the overall campaign budget”. NO, NO, NO!

Candidates and election operatives who employ such dirty tricks must be shunned, and honest politicians should quickly condemn these tactics. Period.

Wisconsin Republicans do not believe in democracy. They have no integrity. A naked power grab.
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Rudolph Giuliani accidentally included a non-existent web address in a tweet. Someone cleverly created a web page there with an anti-trump message. This had the comical result of Giuliani’s tweet turning into an anti-trump link. Giuliani,not one to accept personal responsibility for his typo, blamed twitter. In his befuddled reaction he called Twitter employees “card carrying anti-Trumpers.”

Wow! I love it! I want to be a card-carrying anti-Trumper!

Click here for a link to the whole story: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/05/us/politics/rudy-giuliani-twitter-links.html