We are heading toward a dangerous future. Just yesterday, the two white republican members of the "Board of Canvassers" for Wayne County Michigan refused to certify the election tally. One offered to certify if all the votes from Detroit were tossed out. Only a huge uproar over this racist, fraud-filled manipulation tactic reversed its course. In the next case we may not be so fortunate!

Meanwhile, on a daily basis my email inbox is filled with shrill appeals for money sent from a collection of republican misfits. The headlines include shouts of "we won", "Are you ready for a FULL RECOUNT?", "corruption is unprecedented", "the democrats are out of control". It is very telling that Trumps overturn-the-election team includes Newt Gingrich and Lindsey Graham. What a trio! Trump, Gingrich, and Graham!!! I hope you still remember Newt Gingrich? If ever slime haunted the halls of congress it was Gingrich. It is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to resurrect that discredited, disgraced crook who ultimately resigned his position after a series of scandals and an ethics investigation. And Lindsey Graham? Where to start? Once upon a time he seemed to be an independent, maverick republican voice in congress. But over the last few years transformed into an ass-licking Trump toady. Remember when after helping block Obama's nomination of a candidate to fill a supreme court vacancy he publicly swore to hold fast to the principle of no supreme court approvals in the the last year of ANY presidency? Ha! we found out how little value his "word" and "honor" have. His latest scheme is to pressure fellow-republican functionaries to discard any vestiges of ethics and toss out votes for Biden.

These trump centered emails also appeal for financial donations, promising a "1,000" percent match of donation funds sent. What? Yep, you heard it, if you send $20, it will turn into a $220 donation from little old you... Election fraud has so many facets, and this scheme to slip "dark money" into trump's continued campaign seeks to disguise it as being from individual small donors.

In addition to the barrage of "walk-back the election" bullshit from Trump and his cronies, I get at least one email per day from the gun nuts. The messages encourage "patriots" to quickly start the process of obtaining "concealed carry" permits. The not so hidden message is that these "patriots" are going to start using the guns soon.

For four years, the orange haired devil camped out in the White House has spread hate and has polluted our land. His evil has harmed not just our country but darkened the whole world.
But now hope is in sight!

It is taken a while for the 50 states to process the record number of votes from the American election of November 3, 2020. But it is clear that donald trump has lost the election by more than 4 million votes! More than 4 million votes! It remains to be seen whether he and his twisted collaborators will try, through violence or some twisted, crooked scheme to negate the will of the people. But I am cautiously optimistic that a new day is dawning.

As the news was reported by sources from CNN to Fox that the Biden-Harris ticket would surpass the 270 electoral college votes needed to sweep trump from office, I remembered another day of reckoning... long ago... August 8, 1974. Like much of America, I was glued to the radio listening, as the corrupt and disgraced Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency. As his speech ended, I surfed radio stations to catch snippets of reaction from various news anchors, then I landed on a station where the DJ had cued up the 1956 song "Let the good times roll" by "Shirley and Lee".

YES! It summed up my reaction!

2020, and another piece of slime is slated to slither out of view.

And I will sit and smile and listen to a different song... also "Let the good times roll", played by BB King.

Back in April, Trump tweeted "Liberate Michigan!" exhorting his followers to wrest power from the elected government. Soon afterwards, a group of right-wing radicals began to plot an insurrection in Michigan which included discussion of storming the capital, setting fire to police cars, and kidnapping the governor. Today 13 members of the plot were identified and 5 of the six leaders were arraigned in court.

Click the image to view an article from the Washington Post, or click HERE for a New York Times opinion piece.

It was not simply "tear gas". The feds used military-grade toxic smoke grenades. Click the photo to read an article.

Donald Trump has contracted Covid-19.
We are supposed to pray for him and keep him in our thoughts.

Really? His pathetic mismanagement of America's response to the virus has assured us that America will continue to suffer.

More than 6 months into America's pandemic experience, neither medical providers nor the general public have access to an adequate supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

With typical Trump bluster, he declared himself a wartime president, and promised to fight against the virus.

He evoked the Defense Production Act on March 18.
But he squandered that power, never mandating industry production of the full spectrum of needed medical supplies and equipment.

He has consistently downplayed the dangers of the pandemic. He openly defied mask mandates when visiting an array of facilities and at his political rallies.

In states that implemented protective measures, Trump promoted rebellion.

He bragged that he was not afraid of the virus, and encouraged the public to ignore precautions in order to get the economy going.

While he spent his time golfing, American suffered.

He turned the recent presidential election "debate" into an infantile out-of-control shout-fest, and mocked his opponent Joe Biden for so often being seen wearing a protective mask.

More than 7 million Americans have been infected. More than 200,000 have died.

Now Trump has the virus and has been whisked off to the presidential suite of a military hospital for specialized and pampered treatment.

America: Don't cry for Trump. It's poetic justice.