Masashi Itō

August 15, 1945, a broadcast message from Japanese Emperor Hirohito announced that nation's surrender. Yet for decades, scores of Japanese soldiers fought on. Some, even after hearing that the war was over, refused to believe the news. Others, hiding on small islands or remote areas, continued out of sad ignorance.

One of these "hold outs" was Masashi Itō, a machine-gunner in the imperial army who finally  surrendered on May 23, 1960.

Rand Paul is a lot like Masashi Itō.

Out of ignorance or plain old stupidity, Rand Paul refuses to acknowledge that the 2020 election is over and that his party lost. He continues his ridiculous quest to prove fraud. (Which in his mind means fraud that would vindicate the disgraced Donald Trump, rather than the garden-variety efforts by the Republican Party to suppress the vote, or Trumps own efforts exposed through phone recordings to bully republican officials in Georgia to falsify vote tallies to invent a Trump victory).

Masashi Itō was not the only deluded Japanese soldier.
And Rand Paul is not the only American "hold out" who still believes that Donnie Dotard won the election.

Last week Oregon's Republican Party executive committee published a statement claiming the Trump mob's January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol building was not really done by Trump supporters, in spite of overwhelming evidence of the carefully orchestrated attempt to violently overturn the vote of the American people.

Rand Paul: WAKE UP! The war is over. You lost. America won. If you can't get over it, I suggest you go away.
I understand that Masashi Itō's secluded hut deep in the jungle on Guam is currently vacant!

Already there are many people clamoring for President Biden to move more quickly, accelerate focus on this, change focus to that.

I too want it all, and want it now.

But we must remember that Biden has been in office for just four days. He has been moving with remarkable speed. We just now have turned the page from a regime of total evil to the path of recovery. Some parts of the country feel like they are experiencing whiplash. Yes, I want it all, and want it now...

But I am reminded of the modern fable of a grandmother who gave her grandson a red sweater and a green sweater for Christmas. A few days later, he visited her house, wearing the red sweater. Grandmother: "What's the matter? You didn't like the green one?"

Yes, we must restore our country. Not just restore it, but push it forward in new ways. But America cannot be refreshed in one week. Patience. Give it time. We will get there.

Here comes the sun!

How can we not be filled with joy today as Donnie Dotard slinks off?

Hey Donald, don't let the dumpster lid hit your butt as you hoist yourself inside!

Before we welcome the new, before we celebrate change, let's properly send off #45. Watch this great adaptation of "Candle in the wind"


And now we welcome the new dawn. We welcome today with high hopes.

It is the youth of today that will lead us to tomorrow. Let's listen to a new voice, a young voice


I have never been moved by the national anthem, but today? today? today was different-


Let us humbly seek forgiveness and redemption...

And finally on this great day, let me quote the words of Martin Luther King Jr.:

"If you can't fly, then run,
 If you can't run, then walk,
 If you can't walk, then crawl,
 But whatever you do,
 you have to keep moving forward."


Thunder forward!

Across the globe people reacted with joy to the news that Trump is gone, and Biden is at the helm.
I personally reacted with relief. I had not slept well for weeks, fearful of what desperate acts Trump might perpetrate to avoid leaving office.

Click the photo below to see a series of headlines from around the world celebrating the new dawn-

Welcome Back America
(Italian Headline: "Welcome Back America")


 An me? Well, as my friends know, Biden was not my first choice.
But the classic Rolling Stones song (performed here by Widespread Panic and the Tedeschi Trucks Band) helps convey my feelings.




Word on the street is that Trump has been compiling a huge lists of pardons to grant on his final day as #45.
By his selections, will Trump expose his tangled web of corruption, crime, sleaze and treason?

Will he limit his pardons to crooked business associates? Or to those who have been submitting bids of huge sums of money for a pardon?

Or, for example, will he reach out to Vladmir Putin for poisoning his critics? for getting his intelligence services to infiltrate critical American data systems? For his behind-the-scenes direction of forces that helped throw the 2016 U.S. election? Well, just in case any of those actions should make their way into American courts.

Will he pardon Julian Assange because Assange used stolen data files to help embarrass Hillary Clinton to the point that Clinton was only able to get 3 million votes more than Trump?

Will Trump pardon Mohammed bin Salman? Remember him? The Saudi crown prince who arranged to have journalist Jamal Khashoggi lured into the Saudi embassy in Turkey where he was cut into little pieces? Trump would sooooo love to reward someone who would kill dissident journalists!

Will he pardon Brett Kavanaugh just in case more evidence comes to light? Naw... probably not. The ungrateful cur did not even step up to snuff out the Biden/Harris election win.

Will he pardon in advance anyone who later might shoot Mike Pence, since Pence refused Trump's demand to betray the constitution?

Will he posthumously pardon his old carousing buddy Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself in prison, sparing any possible embarrassment to Trump if Epstein's case had gone to public trial? Wow, what a pal Epstein was to make himself dead... talk about "taking one for the team".

Will he exonerate the confederate civil war leaders to help protect their names from being removed from military base names?

Will he pardon the 147 Republican legislators who tried to terminate democracy, by reversing the vote of the American public?

Will he pardon the domestic terrorists who, under Trump's inspiration violently attacked the U.S. Capitol in support of the aforementioned Republican senators and representatives to try to overturn Trump's huge loss?

Will he reveal through pardons some co-conspirators whose names we do not yet even know?

Or will he attempt to pardon himself for all crimes, past, present, and future, in some feeble hope of shielding himself from conviction through the impeachment process?

Remember that this is the man who bragged about committing sexual assault, who said he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and get away with it!