"Smokestack Joe (Manchin)" has announced that he will absolutely NOT support the Democratic Party's "Build Back Better" program.


He says it will cost too much and therefore hurt our economy.

Let's see... Just a few days ago Congress authorized more than $780 billion for the "Defense" Department for 2022. That is the expenditure for a single year! Included in those funds are monies to expand our nuclear capability, prefect hypersonic missiles, develop autonomous weapons that can select and destroy targets without any human intervention, and other general increases in our ability to wage war. The United States spends more on the military than China, India, Russia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Australia combined!

On the other hand the proposed "Build Back Better" program involves a fraction of the money we have just committed to spending on the military. A fraction! BBB is a $1.8 trillion 10 year program... compare that with $780 billion for a single year. A fraction! Build Back Better is a strong investment in our country's future!

So what is in the "Build Back Better" program that is so incredibly objectionable to Smokestack Joe?

Well, the BBB bill contains funding for a wide range of programs to control drug prices and health care costs, and includes measures to add dental coverage for seniors to Medicare. It strengthens support for childcare and other costs for parents. Only an idiot would think those are bad? What really galls Manchin is that it would build out our economy and help fight global climate change by funding the transition form use of highly polluting fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy. Manchin is in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry. How can he support a transition away from dirty skies?

Well, there is a chorus of voices calling out Manchin for torpedoing economic and social progress in America. But, Smokestack Joe has already let us know that his yacht has already sailed on this issue!

Joe doesn't understand how climate destruction became a dirty word!

A classic pollution song