Leila Centner, cofounder of the Centner Academy (Which bills itself as "The Brain School"!) has warned staff to not get vaccinated against COVID-19. Citing crack-pot fantasy reports about bad mojo wafting off people who have been vaccinated, Centner contends this is a necessary step until the safety of students and staff can be assured.

Centner is requiring all staff to submit private medical information related to vaccination to the administration warning of severe action if employees submit false information.

This "school" is well-known for its connections to the general anti-vax nutcase community, and both Leila Centner and her husband David also have a history of massive donations to right-wing causes including so much in donations to Donald Trump that they needed to switch their recipient to a phantom PAC group to circumvent campaign limits.

One must wonder if this school is feeding off any public funds in their efforts to brainwash kids and undermine efforts to fight the pandemic!

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