The library system in Lafayette, Louisiana shut down a grant-funded program about voting rights, saying it involved "extremely far left” speakers who would fail to “represent the other side.” Apparently library board director Doug Palombo felt the viewpoint in favor of the suppression of voting rights should be presented to "not alienate anybody".
(Link to article in Washington Post)
Ah, yes, of course... the need to present both sides of "civil rights"- The "equal rights" side, and the view of the importance of maintaining white purity in the voting booth!


Well, "Republicans", and others have recently become fixated on the lack of evenhandedness in our national discourse. Witness the recent uproar about the slogan "Black Lives Matter" which the Republican "Duce" Donald Trump declared was a racist slogan. (Some insist that in Trump's case it should be "Douche" rather than "Duce" as applied to the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini)
So... "both sides":

Let's hear it for "Both Sides Now"

Indeed, hearing it from Sinatra seems like a mockery, doesn't it?